Tuesday, October 16, 2007

25 cents

Some thing quite funny happened today.Had been to a street side vegetable vendor this morning. After buying the vegetables I gave him a 50 rupee note. The vendor had to give me Re.1 change,he gave me 2 coins - one was a 50 paisa coin and the other to my amazement was a 25 cent U.S coin. Bangalore is dealing in dollars nowadays! .... Iam waiting for the Rupee value to appreciate, to exchange the 25 cent which is currently worth only 10 rupees !! I wonder when it would happen, have to wait and watch!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Life at IISc

Its been exactly 3 months since I joined IISc as project trainee in the EE dept. well.. to sum up my feelings, its been really interesting ... been doing a bit of coding here in c++ ... that apart its been really a good experience here ... But still a lot needs to be done. Have to make the most of the opportunities provided.